ID Summary Status Owner Type Component Milestone
206 Can't change password in UserCP Duplicate Dmitry Defect Users 2.2
190 Error message when updating ticket. Fixed Marcus Defect 2.2
192 Admin cannot view Guest's tickets Fixed Jani Yli-Paavola Defect Tickets 2.2
199 Usercp changes password to hash of email Fixed Steve Karolewics Defect Users 2.2
200 Projects with no milestones show broken chart Fixed Steve Karolewics Defect 2.2
204 Style broken Fixed Mythos Defect Core 2.2
205 Password shown in installer Fixed Mythos Enhancement Install/Upgrade 2.2
197 URLs displaying as www.3 Invalid Marcus Defect 2.2
209 Custom field value not stored Invalid Harry Lee Defect Tickets 2.2
29 Search filter Completed Jack Feature Core 2.2
149 Web-based config Completed Pierre Enhancement Install/Upgrade 2.2
191 Edit Wiki from Wiki, No Admin Panel Completed Marcus Enhancement 2.2
195 See nickname logged Completed Francesco Feature 2.2
198 UserCP Assigned Tickets should only be open tickets. Completed Marcus Enhancement 2.2
207 Template timeline.php not fully localized Completed jotape99 Defect 2.2
208 Setting for update check Completed jotape99 Enhancement 2.2
188 Include data graphs and new views Closed Shamil Nunhuck Feature 2.2
193 Favicon Rejected Francesco Feature AdminCP 2.2