Assigning tickets only to developers

7 years ago
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What does this enhancement do?

I believe tickets should be assigned only to developers, not to reporters.
I could work on it myself and submit a pull request but first of all I have to understand one thing: Jack, are you considering managers as being higher in projects hierarchy or they are just kind of parallel to developers?
What I mean is: do you believe a manager can have tickets assigned to him or her? I think the answer is yes, but as you are the main guy in Traq, I prefer to ask you first.

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7 years and 4 months ago by Jack

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Never really thought about who tickets should or should not be assigned to, but it is a good point that testers/reporters and others shouldn't be an option to assign a ticket to.

What I'll do is add a property to project roles that allow or disallow tickets to be assigned to them. That way when creating/editing roles, people can either choose to allow tickets to be assigned to that role or not.

7 years and 4 months ago by Menelion Elensúlë

Thanks Jack! A great solution!
P.S. I like Traq very much, but didn't manage to learn all of its structure yet :-). When I do this, I'll make some pull requests because I have several ideas to implement.

7 years and 4 months ago by Jack

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7 years and 3 months ago by Menelion Elensúlë

@jack, I'm sorry but where in the project settings can this be set? I didn't find the corresponding combo box in the roles permissions...

7 years and 3 months ago by Jack

The settings for roles are in the AdminCP section. Which roles are assignable can be set by editing them.

7 years and 3 months ago by Menelion Elensúlë

@jack, actually, this can't be set. There's no such a control in vendor/traq/views/default/admin/project_roles/_form.phtml :-(.