Missing MySQL data

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What did you do to cause this? Setup Traq 3 environment, and browsed over to traq

What page were you on? /index.php

What PHP and MySQL versions do you run? Apache/2.2.21 (Win32) PHP/5.4.0RC4 MySQL client version: mysqlnd 5.0.10-dev - 20111026 - $Revision: 318612 $ PHP extension: mysqli

Describe the defect: It appears that the _dev/traq.sql file is not being kept up to date with the ever changing T3 so here is a few I have run into.

Issues #1: Table traq_plugins is missing the column enabled from the _dev/traq.sql [Fix] ALTER TABLE traq_plugins ADD enabled TINYINT(4) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'

Issue #2: This one was a bit harder to track down but I found it finally in the models, its the data from $_properties[] Missing: traq_projects.is_private, traq_projects.private_key [Fix] ALTER TABLE traq_projects CHANGE private is_private SMALLINT( 6 ) NOT NULL ALTER TABLE traq_projects ADD private_key BIGINT( 20 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'

Issue #3: Table traq_permissions doesn't exist SELECT id, group_id, project_id, action, value FROM traq_permissions WHERE group_id = :group_id AND project_id = :project_id [Fix] Addded the tabe and the rows above but not sure the data type ion them all so I'm using MEDIUMINT

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Stuff like this is better posted in the dev forum and not as a ticket.

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Ok will do