Check for the htaccess file

Jon Kristian
9 years ago
7 years ago


What did you do to cause this? If you activate seo urls but missing the htaccess it will render the site useless.

What page were you on? All but the front page.

Describe the defect: 404.

Solution: Run a check to see if the htaccess file exists, if not return a message or ignore seo urls. The latter would be useful.

See this forum thread:


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9 years ago by Devon Hazelett

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Jack I would mark myself as the assignee but, I'm not a manager for traq, I'll handle a quick for this, or you can. (see thread)

9 years ago by Devon Hazelett

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Users that need this update, Open the path to your Traq 2.2 of later install location, navigate to: /system/libraries/ Drop this file in it and say YES to replacing the old one.

h4. Developers: $uri->anchor(); now returns full http or https requests, see source comments

9 years ago by Devon Hazelett

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Adding .htaccess file for those who somehow did not receive a copy in there download, or misplaced it.

9 years ago by Jack

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9 years ago by Devon Hazelett

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updated, the URI class again, accidentally assigned a var not needed. The original still works, but the most recent removes it.